We carry Farm Chemicals for every need!
If you need it, we have it... or we can get it.

Below is a beginning list of the farm chemicals we carry. Please call ahead for prices and availability if you need large quantities.

Come by and see James. With 27 years of experience in the chemical & fertilizer industry, he can help you decide what’s right for your situation.

No license needed for the following chemicals - anyone can use them:


Roundup Weather Max • Pasture Guard • Remedy • MSMA • Cimarron •
Credit Plus (generic Roundup)


Over ‘N Out • Logic • Orthene • Tempo • Pyrethrines • Sevin

Applicator license needed for the following chemicals - you must be licensed to buy and use them:


2-4-D Ammine • 2-4-D Ester • Grazon P+D • Banvel 2-4-D • Cimarron Max

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